Blessed are the Sorrowful

2nd sorrow beatitudes Dec 09, 2022

 “Blessed are the sorrowful, for they shall be consoled.”

Mary lived this Beatitude perfectly in the 2nd Sorrow: the Flight into Egypt.

Just as laughter comes from an unexpected delight, sorrow comes from an unexpected disappointment, an outcome completely at odds with desires and expectations.

Mary had great hopes and dreams for her Son, for her life, for the world. After giving birth to Jesus, not in a palace, but in a cave, she already understood that life with her Son would mean a humble dwelling, a meager life. But she probably didn’t think it meant homelessness. She probably didn’t think it meant the child who (as Gabriel said) was to take the throne of David would have to leave Israel completely.

Have you ever been on a journey where you realized you were on the wrong path? You realize you are heading away from your destination, and you need to turn around? Every step feels hopeless because you know eventually you need to undo it and take another step in another direction. This is what it must have been like for Mary on the road to Egypt.

Every step taken away from Israel was a step away from the throne her Son was to take. Every minute spent in fleeing added to the time it would take just to get back to the beginning.

The Flight into Egypt wasn’t just a DELAY of Mary’s desires of seeing her Son “take the throne of David.” It was the opposite of her desires.

But the Flight into Egypt uniquely corresponds to the 2nd Beatitude because of the promise. “Blessed are the sorrowful, for they shall be consoled.”

What consolation did Mary have during this Sorrow? She had Jesus with her. Though she and Joseph had nothing, they had Jesus, therefore, they had everything.

Later, the disciples would find themselves tossed about on the waves in a boat that could easily be overturned and sink. But they had Jesus with them, even though he was asleep. This trip for Mary was like that, but Jesus was not asleep. Instead, he was a baby. Every stage of his growth would bring a delight to Mary and Joseph.

Maybe you are experiencing a loss, a hurt, a disappointment. Maybe you are living a long-suffering that your fear will never end.

Here is your consolation: Jesus is Emmanuel, “God with us.”

We might not have God sitting on our lap, as Mary did. But we have Jesus in the Eucharist. We can receive him every day. And if we can’t receive him every day, we can know that he resides here on earth with us in the humility of a tabernacle. We can know that despite a seemingly impossible situation, God is in control.

If you are hurting. If your life hasn’t gone as planned. If you are heartbroken. If you have nothing, take heart! Because we have Jesus. And because we have Jesus, we have everything!

“Blessed are the sorrowful, for they shall be consoled.”


If you are reading this, then you want to grow closer to Jesus through Mary. My goal is to provide you and others with resources that help you experience the promises of the Seven Sorrows. Others have experienced these blessings. If you have not made a resolution to pray this Devotion every day, I urge you to make a commitment today!

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