Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for holiness

5th sorrow beatitudes Dec 30, 2022

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for holiness, for they shall have their fill.”

How can we say that this Beatitude relates to the Fifth Sorrow- "Mary stands at the Foot of the Cross?" What does it mean to hunger for holiness? What is holiness?

During mass, we sing the words of the Gloria, "You alone are the Holy One." The Latin translation, "tu Sanctus Solos," has more of the sense that "you alone are holy."

When we speak about creatures like you, or me, or Mary, being holy means "being totally devoted to God." But what does it mean for God to be holy? He's not just devoted to himself, is he?

In order to understand holiness, let's consider and compare another term: "mercy."

Mercy is the greatest attribute of God. Mercy means having compassion— especially when it is not deserved. God is merciful, and we can be merciful by showing compassion to others when it's not deserved. 

God's holiness is different. I think of God's holiness as the pure, selfless, merciful, grace-filled, power and majesty of the uncreated, all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present, all-loving God. So to me, holiness isn't just an attribute of God's that we can copy.  Holiness is the very essence of God. 

Our hunger for holiness, then, means wanting to be as close to God as possible; wanting to live in God's presence; to radiate God's love and mercy. Hunger for holiness means that, if Jesus is going to die on a cross, that we want to be there with Jesus.

Mary hungered to be around Jesus all the time. No one ever loved Jesus more than Mary does. So if we want to experience the blessing of this Beatitude, we should follow Mary's example and be willing to stand at the foot of the cross.  

And it is at the foot of the cross that we will, "have our fill of holiness."

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for holiness, they shall have their fill.”


If you are reading this, then you want to grow closer to Jesus through Mary. My goal is to provide you and others with resources that help you experience the promises of the Seven Sorrows. Others have experienced these blessings. If you have not made a resolution to pray this Devotion every day, I urge you to make a commitment today!

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