How You Can Experience the Seventh Promise

 The Seventh Promise from Our Blessed Mother for souls devoted to her Seven Sorrows is that those, "who promote this devotion will be taken directly from this earthly life to eternal happiness." Below are some ways you can experience the benefits of this amazing promise!

Share the Book with Others

Sharing this book with others is so easy because it answers questions about suffering, introduces others to our Blessed Mother, and helps others experience the amazing promises of this devotion.

Bulk Orders

When you buy books for your parish, you get the benefits of the 7th promise of this devotion.  We are able to discount copies of the book to help you share this devotion, or even create an income stream to help your parish or ministry. Click here for more information.

Promote Workshops

Our workshops run between an hour and two hours. They are designed to help parents protect their kids, instill virtue and help cultivate a prayer life. Contact us to get a workshop scheduled at your parish

Promote Conferences

Our conferences are LIFE-CHANGING! Invite us to host a conference at your parish, or tell others about our upcoming conferences.